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FOR those seeking commercial sex in Berlin, Peppr, a new app, makes life easy.Type in a location and up pops a list of the nearest prostitutes, along with pictures, prices and physical particulars.Even prostitutes working in places that escaped the worst effects have been hit.Vanessa, a part-time escort in southern England, finds that weeks can go by without her phone ringing.As this site features only women, our analysis excludes male prostitutes (perhaps a fifth of the commercial-sex workforce). The most striking trend our analysis reveals is a drop in the average hourly rate of a prostitute in recent years (see chart 1).One reason is surely the downturn that followed the 2007-08 financial crisis.(Since it is active in America, it was not willing to be identified for this article.

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The cost of an hour with an escort in Cleveland, Ohio, where unemployment peaked at 12.5% in 2010, has tumbled.

Prostitutes and punters have always struggled to find each other, and to find out what they want to know before pairing off.

Phone-box “tart cards” for blonde bombshells and leggy señoritas could only catch so many eyes.

Prostitutes’ personal characteristics and the services they offer influence the prices they charge; niche services attract a premium; and the internet is making it easier to work flexible hours and to forgo a middleman.

Websites such as Adult Work allow prostitutes, both those working independently and those who work through agencies and brothels, to create profiles through which customers can contact them.

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