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Sey explained that in contrast to his experience with Tinder as himself, a straight cis man, he would "get someone to swipe right on [him] maybe a few times a week — at most," he added.As Tracy, he's finding it a bit overwhelming."I’ve swiped right on as many guys as I could, and it’s still over the 100 mark," he said.A few guys reacted with a bit of shock and amusement.Some laughed and called him an "asshole." Others weren't sure what to make about the fact that they felt Sey had an attractive photo.“The Affair,” a popular show that launched in 2014 and airs on Showtime, tells the story of Noah Solloway and Alison Lockhart — who start having an extramarital relationship after they meet in Montauk, a resort town outside of New York City.

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When Sey finally began revealing the truth to his massive inbox of male suitors, the responses were mixed.

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Besides a few who were "skeptical," Sey said he was even more struck by how many straight men took him and a dating profile at face value and slid into his DMs — no questions asked."I honestly thought it was obvious that I was a guy using the gender-swap filter, but to my surprise, I got so many genuine compliments," Sey said.

"I’ve learned that if you put a bio up on Tinder like I did, guys will ignore all red flags for some potential 'surprises.'" According to one user's message, a man named Francois preemptively prepared for the "surprise" to be a reveal that Sey was trans.

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