100 dating bucharest club chat 2013

Don’t just give up because she doesn’t want to go with you after the first invitation.

Continue to hang out with her for a bit, then ask again.

We will do some generalizing, of course every Romanian girl won’t fit the cookie cutter image we are about to portray, but many will.

Looks vary, but there are definitely lots of attractive girls here.

Don’t put it all on the nightlife or you are going to be disappointed most likely.

Your goal is to get as many numbers as you can during the day, and then try to get them on dates as quickly as you can.

Some other cool places to hook up with easy girls are Tirana, Sarajevo, and Budva.

Day game will be one of your best resources here so take advantage of it.

Some will blow you off, but others will be so surprised that if you throw in a compliment they might be even easier to pick up then they would be after dark when it is more expected.You need to pick out the girls you like and watch them from a distance.Wait for a good spot to go up to them when they have strayed away from their friends or when their friends are distracted.If you want to go out and party to pick up slutty girls in the Bucharest nightlife then you should stay in the ‘Old City’ area where much of the nightlife is.Remember to book a condo off Air Bnb, girls are more likely to go back to your apartment than to your hotel.

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