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While one might be better for Asian-Americans one year, another could increase the number of people on its reference panels for Latin America and come out ahead the next.

The good news is that once you’ve taken a test, the companies continue to compare your DNA data to their newly-enlarged reference panels, sending along updated reports every couple of years.

“My husband is southern European, and when he first did the test the data was pretty inaccurate for him, but now it’s starting to catch up,” said Sara Katsanis, a genetics policy researcher at the Duke University Initiative for Science and Society in North Carolina.

Ancestry DNA, an offshoot of Ancestry.com, is probably the most popular because it offers the chance to connect with potential genetic matches and also to see how those connections fit into not just your family tree but also others.

An African-American might find only genetic traces showing their ancestors had originally been from the part of Africa that is now Ghana.

Andre Kearns great-great grandfather Edward Biggs was born to a formerly enslaved woman in Bertie County, North Carolina around 1867.

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“Polynesians are now up to 28 in the Ancestry database!As of November, its Germanic Europe panel included 2,072 people while there were just 65 from Western and Central India and 41 from Northern Africa.In the end, it took DNA and hard research for Mondoy to unravel the mystery of who his biological grandfather was, after his mom told the family she was adopted.Andre Kearns great-great grandfather James Augustus Kerns of Mecklenburg County, NC was born enslaved around 1861 to unknown parents.According to family history his father was a white plantation owner named Kerns.

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