1000 fishes dating

Previous March data showed reasonably calm conditions, the medium-range weather reports looked good, and I figured I would give it a four-day shot.

My Spanish is as good as Mariano’s English, but the magic of Google translate got us through the logistics.

They require the same type of awkward, long float rig, but they bit quickly and I was up two species for the day.

The wind and tide were both behind us, so it was stable enough to fish.

(Note – don’t trust Google translate when ordering at a restaurant.

You’ll end up with llama testicles in your soup.) As we got closer to the target weekend, the weather started slipping.

When you fly 7000 miles to go fishing, you aren’t going to let a little wind and rain keep you off the water.

Gale-force winds and torrential rain, however, are a different story.

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