16 20 year old dating florida

Imagine you finishing school at 16 and one of your old teachers coming up to you in the summer holidays and asking you out. By 20 you are nowhere near as naive and impressionable as 16 which is why you should leave her be to grow and make her own mistakes and learn to find her own feet. If only true love existed OP, it really depends on where you two are in life.

Mentoring is not a 'take your pick of the young and impressionable club' get on with your job and get someone your own age. It was still born from when you were her mentor, meaning that you were overstepping your position in a way that is inappropriate. At this specific stage it is a fair amount due to the amount of stuff that happens/changes for young people between the ages of 16-20.

It is legal, but sometimes the two might not get on.

For example, the 17 year old is likely to still have commitments with school which the 21 year old might not like. There is no specific Californian law concerning "dating" but there are a lot about sex.

If anything was to happen it would be construed as grooming and as she is under the age of 18 she is a minor.

My suggestion is if you genuinely think that you are meant for each other, hold off, build up a friendship outside of work AFTER you have left and let that friendship blossom into something. you were on here last year when you were 19 and she was 15 I think could be wrong but that's besides the point...

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