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The men who lie in them died for freedom – not to create a new tyranny spawning more wars.If Britain has the guts to ignore Cameron and the Establishment elite and vote for Brexit on June 23rd, free and independent once more, we could perhaps, in the words of William Pitt the Younger, one of Cameron's great predecessors as PM who led Britain's resistance to the Napoleonic tyranny, 'Save Europe by her example'.And in fact it is not the bureaucratic and dictatorial edicts of the EU that have kept the peace in Europe, but the forces of trade, travel and globalisation.Meanwhile, it is the imposition of a top-down dictat from Brussels that is breeding resistance from an increasingly resentful European body politic.Britain, a latecomer to the European construction, when its authoritarian foundations were already set in stone, never had a hope of influencing this profoundly undemocratic institution in the direction of our ancient Parliamentary democracy. Across Europe the vaunted European project is crumbling before our eyes.Fuelled by the mass unemployment and social dislocation caused by the disastrous Euro experiment, far from peace and order, extremist parties are on the rise across the EU from Greece to Sweden, and from France to Austria.Melanie has appeared in an Aflac Commercial Co-hosted on The View, Donald’s NBC Reality Show, and Celebrity Apprentice Happy New Years from me to you family I will do my best as first lady thank you to my fan.#iamyourfirstlady #newyearlady #iamyournewyearsfirstlady #donaldtrump #trump2016 #melaniatrump #american #organic A post shared by Melania Trump (@theofficialmelaniatrump) on In 1998, Melania met her current husband Donald Trump at a New York fashion party. later they established their relation and were engaged in 2004.

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But we shouldn't really be surprised by his shaky grasp of historical facts.

eorge Orwell and Joseph Goebbels did not have much in common, but they both understood the essence of propaganda: if you want to tell a lie, make sure that its a big one, and if possible make it the exact opposite of the truth.

David Cameron's speech at the British Museum claiming that the EU has preserved peace in Europe, and that a British exit would make it more likely that the continent would plunge into a reprise of the two world wars, was a classic example of the Orwellian big lie.

After 1 year(2005) they married in a lavish Palm Beach Florida.

In 2006 Melania trump give birth to Barron William Trump. She gave a speech on the first day of the 2016 Republication National Convention in 18th July 2016.

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