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Deloris Rome Hudson’s experience is even more haunting: She remembers a popular girl who was dominated by her drop-out boyfriend, and then strangled.

Of course, Rome Hudson mourns the victim, but she also thinks: “Here’s this guy, and I don’t know what would have helped him, but that’s one I wish I would have gotten to…” But most teen relationships are not violent.

“You have this unique and powerful connection to students that not a lot of other adults do,” Colomé says.

“An educator can be the guide to recognition of self-worth, and recognition of the resources that are available.” Standing in the doorway to her Wilde Lake High School classroom, Erika Chavarria observes the interactions among teenagers in the halls. “Generally what I’m seeing are relationships that are pretty unhealthy with few instances of equal partnership and respect.” When lovebirds march lockstep, arm in arm, is the closeness a choice?

And then when things don’t go well, there’s all the put downs on Facebook,” says Hunter. “Technological abuse is power control through digital means,” says Uribe.

Constant texting, like hundreds of times a day, to ask, “Where are you? “People usually think of texting and social media, but it can go further.

In fact, the threat of outing a partner can be a controlling tactic to trap a victim.

“We tend to define abuse in terms of what we know from domestic violence among adults, but it does look different among teenagers,” says Jasmine Uribe, a manager at loveisrespect.

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It reveals different dating scenarios—“your partner randomly stops by your job, even though you told them it makes you uncomfortable”— and asks students to choose whether the scenario indicates a healthy, unhealthy, or abusive relationship.

Our definition should include not only physical abuse, but also sexual, verbal and emotional, and digital abuses.

“It can appear in a lot of different ways,” warns Colomé.

Or is it an act of control to isolate a victim from friends?

“You can see the partner grab their hand in that way,” says New York college student Trendha Hunter, a member of loveisrespect’s teen advisory board.

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