Accommodating specific learning disorders in the classroom tbgss speed dating

If a child has trouble comprehending a subject with his or her eyes and ears alone, other senses such as touch, taste, and even smell can play a role in the learning process.Similarly, learning to convert one sort of problem into another format may help (e.g.A child with the disorder might confuse basic symbols such as “ ” and “-” and make simple computational errors.A math problem might be off by a single digit or the place value might be incorrect.

These tips are in line with research on best practices in teaching and learning . Understanding Barriers to Accessibility Advancing Accessible Teaching and Learning Environments Innovate: Creating Accessible Learning Environments External Resources on Accessible Education Students with disabilities are not well represented in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) disciplines, and are frequently deterred from pursuing careers in these fields by perceived and actual barriers.changing a traditional math problem into a word problem).A learning specialist can help determine the services or accommodations a child might benefit from at school.Similarly, untreated anxiety disorders and ADHD can look like learning deficit.In addition, if untreated specific learning disorder can be so frustrating for a child that it causes him to have mood and behavior problems that can be mistaken for anxiety, depression, opposition defiant disorder, or ADHD.

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