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The first shot I did with it, I had to walk it on a leash past a waterfall and as it turned out it was scared of the water. And then from that moment on it forever associated me with this terrible waterfall, so I had to do a whole episode with it and any chance it got it would knock me down and run away.

Not necessarily my favorite, but definitely the episode I talk about the most. I really pushed for him on EVERWOOD and I never felt the same sort of reciprocation from BIG LOVE!

And then of course I did guest star for Greg [Berlanti] on ELI STONE and the reason I ended up doing the ELI STONE thing is that I hope and plan to start directing so Greg let me shadow some directors.

I was on the ELI STONE set for a month and then I ended up coming back a month later to do that guest spot.

The pilot, obviously because that was just so so life changing.

He also played the role of Edward Porris in Brandon Cronenberg's directorial debut, Antiviral.Next Thursday, a new and exciting chapter in the career of actor Gregory Smith (pictured above, left) will begin thanks to his much-anticipated return to the small screen in ROOKIE BLUE.But before that happens, we thought it might be fun to look back one last (okay, probably not last) time on his remarkable time spent in that magical little town of EVERWOOD.Chris is awesome by the way, glad he’s totally kicking ass and taking names now [on PARKS AND RECREATION] because he’s the funniest guy I’ve ever known.Sarah Drew, she needs her own show and she’ll get it for sure one day soon [Editor’s Note: This interview was conducted prior to Drew signing on as a GREY’ S ANATOMY series regular! The younger cast I keep in touch with often, but even Treat [Williams] and Tom (Amandes] we all keep in touch.

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