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If conservative methods alone are not effective then there are many medications available.As a last resort, if incontinence symptoms are severe then you may be recommended surgery in order to improve your quality of life.Common continence issues that people with spina bifida have are: There is plenty that can be done to help improve incontinence in people with Spina Bifida.There are many conservative methods, which can help improve or it may be a case of adjusting your medication to help alleviate your symptoms.This news set the tone for the Celebration Dinner that followed our day on the Hill.The evening was filled with stories from the day, a presentation of awards, and lots of warm feelings and excitement from a successful day.

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Urodynamic tests can include There are many products available that can help you to feel more comfortable and will protect clothing and furniture.

On May 8, 2019, over 115 Spina Bifida advocates from 27 states descended on Capitol Hill, holding over 75 meetings with Members of Congress for the Spina Bifida Association’s 2nd annual advocacy day, Teal on the Hill.

Monica Still, an adult with Spina Bifida (SB) and second-time attendee said it best, “Teal on the Hill provided camaraderie but added to it a sense of purpose that was and is greater than self.” The event kicked off with an opening reception, where attendees had the opportunity to mingle with old and new friends.

The sac may contain only cerebro-spinal fluid or part of the brain which will lead to brain damage.

Most people that have spina bifida will have continence issues.

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