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With these facets of anonymous chat, how does Anti Chat fare on online safety? Signing up for an account in Anti Chat only takes at least a minute of your time.

When you register, you will be asked to propose a username that must be different from your name.

There are predators and scammers that lurk in these kinds of chat platforms, waiting for their next victim.

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After this, you will be asked for your email that will solely be used for verification and password recovery.It highlights your profile and puts your chat on top of the other users’ chat inboxes. This feature is an add-on, which you can purchase at a package duration of one week to twelve months.'Karma’ is the social status of Anti Chat users.The higher your ‘Karma’ is, the higher the ‘Karma’ points are required from other users to be able to have a private chat with you.As a new member, you will automatically belong to the ‘Newbies’ group chat, as well as the main city or state group chat based on your location.You can also create your own group chat and share that particular chat’s group code or group link to friends you want to invite to your chatroom.

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