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One thing you should definitely do, as the relationship develops, is make sure you still give plenty of time to your children. It is easy to become distracted in a new relationship, but try not to do it at the expense of your kids.

It is important they feel that they are always your number one priority.

Give things time to reach stability, where you and your new partner are comfortable with each other.

Wait until the “honeymoon phase” is over, or at least less intense.

If you have been single for a while, they may be used to having you to themselves. Your children will need your help to understand that a couple’s relationship is different from that between a parent and a child.

Reassure them that nothing will change between you and them.

It is possible that you will date a number of people before finding a serious relationship.

They may happen anyway, of course, but keeping everyone engaged in something helps to prevent this.

This is especially true if you are soon to introduce them to someone who could threaten that sense (if only in their minds).

Take the time to listen to your children’s fears and concerns, Use reflective responding (mirroring back to them the things they have said) to ensure that they felt validated and heard. For a while, keep it as light as possible, still introducing him or her as a friend.

If the other parent of your children (your co-parent) is still involved in their lives, let them know that you have a new partner.

It’s generally best if your co-parent knows that your children are going to be meeting your new partner before it actually happens.

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