Advice writing dating profiles

Spend some time on your profile, make it really reflect who you are, and you’ll reap the rewards.

Ask friends and family for advice if you’re stuck, or a member of the opposite sex who can tell you the things that would make them want to date you.

Don’t: Tell fibs There’s no use filling your profile with claims of how much you love to cook when in reality your solitary signature dish is spag bol from a jar.

Highlight the things you really like, rather than what you think sounds impressive.

Writing what is essentially a personal sales pitch – your online dating profile – can feel like a somewhat tricky task, but it doesn’t have to be. There are hundreds of people in just the same position as you, so making sure you’re the one that logs in to a full inbox is all down to what you include (and don’t include) in your profile.

Don’t: Be shy Us Brits pretty much rule the school when it comes to self-deprecating humour, and although it can seem weird listing the things you think others will find attractive in you, be confident and go for it.

Your profile doesn’t have to read like a stand up comic’s script, but it should hint at the fun, friendly and fabulous person who has written it.

No one wants to date a sombre, serious single, so pull your socks up and stick in some well-placed humour.

Don’t: Be too brief A profile consisting of one sentence along the lines of “Looking to meet someone nice, message me if you want to know more” is just lazy.

If everyone wrote a profile like that, imagine how boring it would be.

The advantage of online dating is that you can update your profile whenever you like, so try out different versions to see which gets the best response, experimenting with aspects such as style, content and humour.

Above all, remember to be your wonderful self and you’ll be dating someone desirable in no time.

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