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heat up, we’re marking a milestone of a different order: two decades of Leonardo di Caprio’s rampant, unapologetic modelizing, lately with women half his age.

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They have the asain with them because she is the one that takes all their pictures and makes videos for them so they pretty much just use her, back in the day they would all just talk shit about her.

all in all these girls bring Hamilton a bad name, they are all insecure about themselves and are all obsessed with being skinny because they were all once fat pigs and all try to look like each other, talk about originality?

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, these girls call themselves \”The Chix\” when actually they should be called \”The Sl*tz\” They are all whores and dont know when to stop f*cking, the Idian Paki girl thinks shes the sh*t but always goes back to having sex with her ex and then says shes loves her other ex, The blonde skank f*cks whoever, whenever and would open her legs to anything that had a penis or a mouth and constantly cries every time shes drunk, The tall brunette with the see through shirt where you see she has no tits looks like a alien…

bitch your ugly as f*ck your not hot shit that is dating a guy who constantly does coke.

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