Age range for dating ice dating

We struck up a conversation and we wound up having very hot sex. Other than that, and at 63, I would rather date someone in my age bracket..way we both can complain about our aches and pains!

I'm 43 and about five years ago I dated a college freshman for about 2 years. Last night I had a date with a college senior(ish) that turned into a sleep over and now I'm reconsidering. The delusional queens who are 50 or 45 who think they look 30 - honey, you don't.

Now we have settled in and things just seem dull and listless. Nor do I deny that casually dating and hooking-up with younger guys can be frothy and fun for both.

But it is also a heck of a lot of fun to date younger guys. In our dating period my bf and I had nothing but fun and frolic. I've always been that way-- I've never had a romantic interest (or even a hookup interest) in someone obviously younger than me or much older. I'd date him in a nanosecond if he weren't already happily married. I don't deny that many younger guys like older guys.

While youth has its appeal, being sexually attractive is hardly the exclusive domain of the young. He doesn't know what he likes, what I like or how to get there for either of us. I'll consider anyone between 30 and 55.26-29 on a case by case basis, same for 56-60.

That said, guys who lie about their age or say dumb things like, "But I look 10 years younger..." (or have 10 year old pics on their social profiles) are pathetic. Fortunately he is physically attractive enough that I can get off on "teaching" him some, but I can see it getting old fast. Anyone over 60..matter how hot or hip, I don't think I could do it publicly, too many tongues would wag. I prefer to date guys between 38 and 52, although I've gone out on dates with guys as young as 29 over the past year. We made plans to go out on a real date and had a nice time.

Just kidding, but it seems this is the norm nowadays.

Age is just a number but I figure I should be within plus/minus 10 years of my age as a general rule. I can't put my finger on it (or in it) but just feels right to me. But I admit I am more tolerant of the younger range for physical reasons.

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