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Richard Bartle and Roy Trubshaw wrote the first MUD, called MUD1, in 1979-1980 (3).Roy Trubshaw adapted the Dungeons and Dragons game and converted it to the electronic computer format, and Richard Bartle named it a MUD (Multi-User Dungeon) (7). In October 1990, Pavel Curtis began an experiment called Lambda MOO (4,7).However, some creators do not observe how their codes are affecting the players and how the game play has changed. The first few hours are spent in the character's birth city, familiarizing the player with the land.When conflicts arise between the creators and players,it causes flame wars and the setting isn't as fun for the players involved (8). There is a system of levels, or skill ranks, gained by players which include: beginner, poor, apprentice, practitioner, competent, respected, renowned, master, grand-master, legendary, and ultimate.The players have a variety of comments, both positive and negative, about the experiences they have had with certain MUDs.I looked at comments given on a MUD called 3 Kingdoms.

This Object-Oriented MUD also provides a rich environment for MUD creation, including "a full programming language within the MUD for the creation of new MUD capabilities embodied as objects"(6).I will be explaining what MUDs are, the different kinds of MUDs, the terms involved, examples, and where this phenomenon originated. Whatever the letters stand for, MUDs represent a broad class of online adventure games (7) that players can log into and explore through a computer program(3).I will also look at postings about MUDs, online communication, and the future of MUDs. These games include at least two participants playing in fantasy worlds created by the actions of the players (7).After that, blocks of credits are to be purchased in advance if the player wants to continue in the game.These blocks are available for 20 hours (), 40 hours (), 60 hours (), and 100 hours () (1).

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