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Living in Alaska, Leah Campbell has traveled the world and written extensively on topics relating to infertility, dating, adoption and parenting.

She recently released her first book, and holds a psychology degree (with an emphasis in child development and abnormal child psychology) from San Diego State University.

She goes out of her way to be affectionate and flirtatious with other guys when you are around.

One clear sign of obsession is anxiety that is only relieved when you contact your ex.We seldom consider the fact that we run an equal chance of being welcomed, accepted or loved by the person across the table or across the room if we extend a hand.Published: October 27, 2009 You've heard them; don't approach him first, don't flirt, don't look friendly, don't pick up the phone when he calls, wait four days before you call him back, never ever accept spontaneous invitations, act like you're not interested, don't show him you like him, don't let him hold your hand until on the third date, don't introduce him to your friends before he introduces you to his, if he's not ready to commit when you're ready dump him, never be friends with an ex etc. What kind of man does a woman who follows these rules attract? Published: September 29, 2009 I had over the years acquired so many limiting and distorted beliefs about man-woman love, relationships and soul mate connections that made it impossible to experience the kind of love my soul longed for.Once you find yourself unable to focus on anyone or anything besides your ex, even weeks down the line, that tunnel vision can indicate obsession, according to counselor John D. Try to shift your thoughts and distract yourself with other hobbies and entertainment when possible.Spend time with friends and set limits on yourself regarding how much you can talk about your ex.

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