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She first discovered her passion for writing at the age of 10 when she began filling notebooks with poetry.She's a cliche lover of wine, sushi, all things Parisian and spiking her coffee with Baileys.We need a man who can handle this, and not feel emasculated by it. While flowers are sweet and all, we would rather be greeted with long passionate kisses in the hallway, leading to something a little more creative than vanilla dates and sack sessions. We aren’t afraid to get into a debate with our men – which they hate to lose, and so do we. We will bring up uncomfortable conversations because we would rather put the truth on the table than not be true to ourselves and who we are, which are women who say it like it is. Have you ever driven by a woman on the highway whose changing her own flat tire? We don’t mind having a man help us with the more challenging handy work, but if he’s not around, we will figure out how to do it ourselves, and not complain about it.Not only do we take charge on matters of intimacy, but we’re the kind of girlfriends who’ll get stuff done, whether it’s booking a trip or planning the most kick ass Super Bowl party you’ve ever had, complete with kegs and steak sandwiches. This can turn into some pretty butt-hurt reactions from a man or the cliché logic that we’re “just crazy.” We don’t find issue with having intelligent debate and we’re not trying to be unruly. We’re genuinely busy, and it frustrates our suitors.An alpha female is a woman who is confident, ambitious and energetic.

We’re also incredibly stubborn, hard-headed, opinionated, and can be intimidating or misjudged by men.For this reason, finding a man who can handle and understand the traits we carry is much harder.These are the real struggles of being an alpha female in the dating world. We’re wildly sarcastic about nearly everything and anything we can make light of.It’s not that we don’t want you to be a part of it or aren’t interested, but we’re a challenge to get time with — and not in a game-y way, but rather a “we’ve got real stuff to do” way.Andrea Wesley Andrea is a Thirty-Something freelance writer living in the suburbs of Vancouver, Canada with her ridiculous ginger tabby, Jagger.

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