American man dating korean women

The state, indeed the universe, was the family writ large—with the Chinese emperor, the patriarchal link to cosmic forces (through rituals he performed), and the Korean king his younger brother.

This conception of the universities the warm feelings of attachment and dependence generated within the family to all human relationships.

This debt lies behind the idea of filial duty: treating parents respectfully at all times, taking care of them in their old age, mourning them well at proper funerals, and performing ceremonies for them after their deaths.Even fulfilling these duties, however, is not enough to repay the debt to one's parents.The full repayment also entails having children and maintaining the continuity of the family line.With this preparation, a child extends his network of human interaction with non-kin.A person who is capable of strong emotional involvement with others is regarded as possessing ample humanity. It alleviates the numbing cold of a burial chamber.

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