An unexpected error has occured updating mac

Can you all developers test it through before deploy please?Have all OS ready on separate computers, right next to it. I have lost premium and and free missions as well due these re-occuring issues. This is a SIMILAR problem due to the end of season update for the league points changes.Deleted several caches (system and library) zapped the p RAM, started in safe mode and then restarted, all to no avail. I have removed the ones in the box and it didn't fix it, but I'm not sure about deleting all of them at once in case they're important haha. As it's just affect the app store and since I can use that in a different account, I'm just using that work around for now. There may be an easy way to rebuild the corrupted user account, but I can't find it at this apple.appstore.commerce.plist Software Update.plist.lockfile Restarted. Really is it to much to expect for some one to test on Mac OS X before releasing these updates .It's a new occurrence of the same old problem so I opened a new thread for the mac client needing a fix It's kinda getting funny: Can we hit ten topics in the news list?

I’ve also been able to download apps on my phone with the same Apple ID. repaired permissions and reset cache of certificates for application firewall (see advanced for mac Try signing into Face Time, Messages, i, i Tunes, and appleid.For sure, not a single error will be left at the time of Fix Apple Mac Error Messages. Everything has been going smoothly, except for the fact that I’m not able to completely log into the App Store.You didn’t mention if the Mac is new or used, but I’m betting there was another Apple ID used on that Mac, and that is causing the problem.I switched over to a different user (also and admin) and found there were no issues at all. I believe that the original user account is corrupted.

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