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TYPICAL VICTIMHow did she get herself into all of this?

She's young and a very volatile person, and probably easy to threat or manipulate.

That went on for a while until one of the clients fell in love with her, convinced her to stop, and now they are married.

Renee and I were married at 23 and bought our first house shortly thereafter. Although she had a separate entrance, it was after coming in the main door, where a stairway led up to our part of the house on the top level. She wasn't the most beautiful person on the planet.

One interesting part of this was that our downstairs apartment came with a tenant already there. At the top of the stairs was a door that we usually kept locked. Her looks were sort of normal and plain, but her body was voluptuous and at 19 she was every bit a woman.

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So the next time we were in the living room doing our thing, I placed a towel at the bottom of the door to block the view.

But after watching the two of you – you're so sexy and uninhibited – I just want to watch some more." I have to admit, I was getting excited thinking about it. Looking at Patty in her nightgown, I was starting to get some ideas.

It was an inside door, and as weather was not a consideration, it never bothered me.

However, if someone were to come up the stairs during one of our sessions, they'd have quite a clear view of the goings on.

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