Apple stock option backdating scandal Chat to horney girls live

While this will bolster some investor confidence, it's ultimately the law enforcement's and the SEC's judgment that matters the most.

At that time, Apple said one of the problematic grants was made to Jobs but was canceled without any financial gain to the CEO and co-founder.More than 100 companies are undergoing internal investigations or having their records reviewed by the Securities and Exchange Commission or the Justice Department to determine whether they manipulated stock-option grant dates to fatten their executives' potential payouts.Options give holders the right to buy company stock at a set price, usually the price on the date the grant was made.The internal investigation concludes just as Apple prepares for the holiday season, the most lucrative time of the year for its i Pod digital media players and Macintosh computers."I don't think (the investigation will) impact Apple in its direction and how Jobs drives the company," said Tim Bajarin, principal analyst at research firm Creative Strategies.

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