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:: Derek Hough and Joanna Krupa are not dating…yet.

:: Shannon Elizabeth can not be happy about the Hough-Krupa pairing though. :: However, there is no Joanna Krupa sex tape that we are aware of…yet.

In a world full of Kardashians, Joanne is a Lady Diana.

Here’s my chat with Joanne: What makes your relationship with Derek work?

Hough also worked together with Mark Ballas to form a band entitled the Ballas Hough Band; he has also been featured in a music video of his former dance partner, Lil' Kim.

Derek Hough net worth and salary: Derek Hough is an American dancer, reality TV star and choreographer who has a net worth of million.

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Many theatre buffs will know Derek Hough as playing the role of Ren in the UK and West-End productions of .

How would you handle it if a girl flirts with Derek? It’s up to your partner how he or she should deal with the opposite sex—leave it to them, and you’ll see what kind of person they are. What’s the best and toughest part of being the girlfriend of Derek?

What was the sweetest thing that Derek has done for you?

Returning to his ballroom dancing roots, he became a World Youth Latin Champion and has won various accolades including the New York Dance Alliance Outstanding Dance award and the LA Outstanding Dancer of the Year.

Finally, he has served as a judge on the BBC show .

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