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"Of course she is the main character, as she is in the novel," says Hegemann."But here she is shown from a completely different perspective." In the book, for example, we see her inner self, whereas in the film we are looking at her from situations that are "imposed externally." On the verge of madness The characters in this film seem to be linked by the fact that they are all searching for something: searching for life between expectation and passion, between the pressure to conform and to be free. "The search is shared between characters that are completely different," the director says of those in her film.

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Played Eva Braun in "Mentre Hitler i Mussolini prenien el te" in 1991.

Helene Hegemann made a name for herself as a teen This tumultuous story is not the only thing that could alter the way one sees the film, which premieres in Germany on June 21 and will be released in German theaters on June 29.

There is also Hegemann's youth - she is just 25 -, and the fact that she had already written plays, produced a short film and won the Max Ophuels Prize before publishing the novel "Axolotl Roadkill." Born in 1992, Hegemann has been lauded as an artistic prodigy and praised for her acting skills.

It originates in the combination of the Latin words ara ("altar") and coeli ("heaven, sky"). Arcilee, same as Aracelis, Aracely, and Arcelia, is a variation of a feminine Spanish name, Araceli, meaning "altar of the sky". Blanca Araceli has: Played Bolivian Woman in "Southland" in 2009.

There are two pronounciations, ah-rah-THE-lee, which is traditional Spanish, or ah-rah-SE-lee, which is Latin American Spanish.

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