Asp net textbox value not updating on postback

You can clear out the entire Model State by calling The reason we use the posted value for editors rather than the model value is that the model may not be able to contain the value that the user typed.

Imagine in your "int" editor the user had typed "dog".

When a user changes these values, they are not saved and the textboxes are cleared out after the submit button is clicked. i have put this code in my page load event View State["stock"] = Text Box Material. Text; View State["ship Time"] = Text Box Ship Time.

To String(); string supplier = View State["supplier"]. Selected Value; string mat Time1 = View State["mat Time"]. Selected Value; string prod Time1 = View State["prod Time"]. Selected Value; string ship Time1 = View State["ship Time"]. Selected Value; Culture Info culture Info = Culture Info.

When the thread triggers, it just fires an event, which right now just updates the textbox with the current date time. Don't forget to remove Enable="false" if you put it on. Per my issue, I was changing the value of the control thru javascript and even though the browser rendered the change, on the postback, the control still retained the original value. javascript kicks off a custom ASCX calendar control and result is injected by javascript, into the textbox. Just don't forget to remove Read Only="true" or Enable="false" if your intent was to disable the control from editing just use the snippet above. NET Text Box Control (for example), and it's READONLY or DISABLED, the postback won't catch the changed value.the input textbox is populated through a javascript popup calender control while textbox is populated by typing. The initial values of these textboxes are retrieved from a database. thanks for your reply but it is still not working..... Text; View State["prod Time"] = Text Box Prod Time.

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