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Following the Persian conquest of Egypt around 525 BCE, Cambyses launched an invasion of the Kharga Oasis (Osing, pp. Although Herodotus presents this expedition as a failure, it is clear that the Kharga Oasis was under Persian control for the duration of Achaemenid rule of Egypt (see Egypt i.

Persians in Egypt in the Achaemenid period), save perhaps for a brief period during the revolt of Inarus, whose name appears in a dating formula on a single demotic ostracon from ʿAyn Manāwir (Chauveau, 2004).

The temple includes a forecourt, hypostyle hall, sanctuary and three chapels.

Remains of painted decoration have been found in several rooms, as have several hundred bronze statuettes, many representing the god Osiris (Wuttmann et al., 2007).

The wall is thought to be of Roman date, but the temple itself was built in the reign of Darius I, a date confirmed by two cartouches in the main sanctuary (Darnell, 2007, p. The temple consists of a forecourt, hypostyle hall, a vestibule, and three rooms at the back, oriented east to west. Ismail, “Cult and Ritual in Persian Period Egypt: An Analysis of the Decoration of the Cult Chapels F and G on the Lower Level and the Roof Chapels E1, E2, H1, and H2 of the Temple of Hibis at Kharga Oasis,” Ph.

The middle of these, interpreted as being the temple’s main sanctuary, is decorated with raised relief and painted plaster and includes images of the king before the gods Amun, Mut, Khonsu, Min and Isis (Darnell et al.).

Dush (ancient Kysis), about 5 km to the east of ʿAyn Manāwir, is another settlement with two small temples, both in poor condition, and at least three provided a range of 450-350 BCE (Reddé, pp. The other temple is mudbrick and preserves no inscriptions; it provided a radiocarbon date of 423-179 BCE (Reddé, p. These dates, along with references to Kysis in the ostraca from ʿAyn Manāwir (Chauveau, 1996, pp. The main sanctuary of the temple features images of some 700 different gods from throughout Egypt in high relief. Sternberg-el Hotabi, “Die ‘Götterliste’ des Sanktuars im Hibis-Tempel von El-Chargeh: Überlegungen zur Tradierung und Kodifizierung religiösen und kulttopographischen Gedankengutes,” in M. These reliefs have been interpreted as “cult-topographical,” that is, they serve to catalog deities and cult practices from across Egypt (Sternberg-el Hotabi; Kessler; Colburn, 2014, pp. Waerzeggers,eds., , Documents de fouilles de l’Institut français d’archéologie orientale 42, Cairo, 2004. Rossi, “Umm el-Dabadib, Roman Settlement in the Kharga Oasis: Description of the Visible Remains, with a Note on ʿAyn Amur,” 59, 2003, pp. There are also many members from other countries of the world on the site. This is also another good Australian dating website: Aussie Cupid Review You will generally meet people from these countries and regions on Oasis Active: -Not Found- Languages that you can use on the website: Oasis Active is a Australian based dating website.It has popularity on the website and many people on Oceania is finding dating on this website.

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