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The conflict between England and the United States has taken a steep toll on both countries, but where man sees only pain and suffering, Delaney sees opportunity.His late father's only legacy, a small plot of land on the west coast of North America, stands to increase in value dramatically once the war ends and the associated trade bans are lifted.Breen spends 5 days with the group on holiday in the Blue Mountains, coming face to face with their challenges, dreams and humour.It’s hard to overlook the spirit of the 4 who remain positive despite the adversity that would leave most of us struggling to make sense of it all. Sam, who was involved in a car accident in the ambulance transporting her from a previous one, simply says of that day, “I think I pissed someone off.”Jason, who lost all feeling from the waist down, bluntly tells Breen, “I can’t piss, shit or have sex.”Their stories are confronting, along with the footage, which does not shy away from scenes such as how Khoa detaches prosthetic legs from his limbs. Breen proves to be a good listener in these situations without ever resorting to being condescending.If you already have a Word Document, you can upload it directly to Tablo.If you don't, you can create a new book and type it up in the browser.


Young mum Dee, 36, is living with Type 3 spinal muscular atrophy, leaving her with full feeling in her body, but virtually no strength.

Matt Sayer is a writer for Finder, covering all things technology and telecommunications.

Along with reporting on events like CES and Mobile World Congress, he has produced comprehensive guides for popular products like smart speakers and graphics cards.

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