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AVANT-GARDE DATING is a project by Wooloo, an artists-run organization based in Berlin, Germany.

Semi-related: Gay Mobile - another experimental community service.

Here the vintage look gets a dramtic look from the lacy face art and illusion glove makeup.

The lips take a new twist on the retro red lip with an ample dose of glitter.

AVANT-GARDE DATING is a new experimental dating service for artists.

In contrast to traditional dating services, the primary aim of AVANT-GARDE DATING is not to match artists looking for a romantic/sexual relationship but to match artists who are interested in investigating issues associated with relationships.

In order to apply, individuals must explain how they will explore the conventions of monogamous love, challenge the idea of artistic collaboration and/or explore one of the other numerous stereotypes of human pairing.

Some makeup artists and those with particularly expressive and creative personalities may also go avant garde with their makeup any time the mood strikes them for a given day or a given occasion.

'Eastern Horizons', Charlie Munro's first album as leader is a true reflection of a man with ability and originality whose themes are different in emotional content, rhythmic exploration and melodic development and a complete expression of group creation.

He is quick to point out that this is a co-operative effort, being a development of a workshop group with each member participating fully.

Applied to makeup, this term represents very artistic looks that are often exotic and high fashion makeup styles.

You see these artistic makeup looks on the runway and fashion show models, for advertisements and special photo shoots, in fashion and beauty magazines, and for pageants or performance events.

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