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If the claimant corrects this defect (ie, by providing the required information) within one month,9or such longer period as is reasonable, of the date on which the DWP last drew attention to the defect then the claim is treated as if it had been properly made in the first instance.

The date on which a claim is made 10is important as, unless it can be backdated, a claimant cannot receive ESA for any period before the date on which the claim is made.

If a claim is defective,8then the DWP must advise the claimant of the defect and the relevant rules as to the date of claim (see below).

It appears that the DWP must advise the claimant of the precise defect and not merely that the claim is defective.

Instead, you can do it for them right away and have accurate report ready at anytime you need.

Wasting time on constantly setting up identical projects?

Don't want regular users to see other people's tracked time?

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Add time on other people's behalf right from the report.

Or, if that's too much and people actually need to see who logged how much time in some instances, limit their viewing power to only public projects. Hide pages that others don't need so only admins can access them.

In case you have a lot of contractors, you can hide the Team page so people don't see other members.

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