Baghdad battery dating

At the top, the iron rod is isolated from the copper by bitumen plugs or stoppers, and both rod and cylinder fit snugly inside the opening of the jar, which bulges outward towards the middle.The copper cylinder is not watertight, so when the jar was filled with a liquid containing citric acid, this would surround the iron rod as well.

Experiments with models have generated between 1.5 and 2 volts.An alternative, but still electrical explanation was offered by Paul Keyser.It was suggested that a priest or healer, using an iron spatula to compound a vinegar based potion in a copper vessel, may have felt an electrical tingle, and used the phenomenon either for electro-acupuncture, or to amaze supplicants by electrifying a metal statue.Originally found in 1936 at Khuyut Rabu, 30 km to the SE of Baghdad, Iraq, the person who made the discovery is not documented.The jar showed signs of corrosion, and early tests revealed that an acidic agent, such as vinegar or wine had been present.

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