Battlefield bad company 2 stats not updating

If you are still experiencing any issues related to this, please let us know. Hello everyone, We have made some changes and the issue should be resolved now.

"it sopposely is sopposed to be available to veterans on a future patch or something." You cant. and now bf3 is coming out there is no hope for the m1 Bayonet :( The 2010 video game Battlefield: Bad Company 2 is classified as MA 15 in Australia, Mature 17 in North America and 16 in Europe.

For this reason, it can be worthwhile checking out some other online options.

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So I guess its the waiting game for now fellas....... I really don't care about my stats as starting from fresh is allways fun, though, now there is only few players in the servers and no xp is being saved, so you can't even level up.

EA do something, that's the best BF for me and i can't play it.

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