Beauty and the geek couple dating after show most intimidating woman

your property." "Oh my god..." Charlie moaned, Miley's words arousing him. Or do you want me to swallow it, take your essence into my tummy and digest you... jeezus." Charlie was trying to think of something else, like Iron Man comics or Star Trek. Forming a circle with her thumb and middle finger, Miley rubbed just the head of Charlie's steel-like erection, her fingers stimulating the hardened ridge of his crown. Miley went back to stroking Charlie's full length, but slowly. My boobies belong to you Charlie." She continued to stroke him slowly, trying to get him off with her dirty talk rather than her hand.She increased the pace of her slick jacking, arms pumping in unison. "Tell me what you want baby..." "I want to cum on you..." Charlie gasped. She was edging him, glancing over at the clock with a smirk. "Go ahead and mark them as yours, so all the other naughty boys know that my titties are just for you. "Come on, let's find Charlie before Bio, I can't wait to tell him the news." "I guess Charlie will be happy you don't have to move to Tampa." Stacy said as they started walking through the hallway.

" Rubbing the lotion over both hands, Miley knelt in front of Charlie between his knees. Her breasts were no more than a small palm full, but the sight of them made Charlie's penis stand tall. I could wrap them around your beautiful cock and hump them on you until you came and gave me a nice pearl necklace..." Charlie leaned back into his chair, "I-I'd rather have your hands." "I know baby, you like it when I jerk you off." Miley wrapped both hands around Charlie's penis, one hand over the other on his length, unable to close either fist around his significant girth. "God Miley, you really know how to turn me on...." Miley chuckled, "Slow down big guy, we still have three minutes left." Charlie laughed, but he was already rock-hard and leaking pre-cum.She squealed with delight as the first blast jetted out and splattered across her chest.She aimed his cock right at her breasts and watched as several more ropes of it fired out, the milky fluid hot against her tan skin and pink nipples. "Nope." Miley replied, laying on her tummy across Brian's bed.It wasn't like he had been caught doing anything wrong, but at the same time he didn't want Miley to have the wrong idea. "I was just asking Charlie here about Brock's broken nose..." "Stay away from him you slut! Other students were beginning to take notice of the altercation and watched, including Stacy who stood right at Miley's back. Miley finally relented when Darla vanished behind the gathering crowd, though she was still seething-mad." Miley warned, "Charlie is /my/ boyfriend..." Darla let her mouth hang open in insult. Charlie still looked clueless; two girls had never fought over him before and he had no idea how to respond. Charlie took Stacy's hint and tried to get himself between Miley and Darla, "Darla you should probably go..." "You're lucky your friends are here you nasty little cunt..." Darla sneered, backing away. I'm going to kick your ass Darla, you stay away from my boyfriend! "That girl never just 'talks' to guys Charlie..." "Miley's right." Stacy added. I mean, Miley won't have to move to Tampa and all that, but I guess her dad is like some big-shot, what if he doesn't like his girlfriend's nerdy lower-middle class boyfriend?

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