Best christian book for dating couples

What has been passed down to him, combined with what he has learned in his own experiences, makes for a lot of great advice.

Sometimes we only consider the romantic side of marriage when we are making plans for the wedding, but there’s a lot of crazy things that happen throughout life.

The summer is full of couples who are ready to tie the knot and take the next step in a lifelong relationship.

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Fortunately you don’t have to wait until you’ve experienced a few anniversaries to get valuable advice. Norman Wright and Wes Roberts give you some important things to think about before you take the plunge.A great Christian mind in both relationships and unlocking the wisdom found in scripture, Timothy Keller is a prolific author who has penned some of the best Christian books of today.Unlike most of the other books on this list, “The Meaning of Marriage” is a book that can be enjoyed by anyone who is seeking to better understand marriage as an institution.As one of the newest additions to this list of the best Christian books for newlyweds and engaged couples, this might be one of the few you haven’t already been recommended by a friend.As the son to one of America’s biggest Christian voices on relationships, Greg Smalley has heard a lot of wisdom over the years.

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