Best dating subject lines

Finally, indicating value and meaning helps create demand and excitement.

Power words which elicit urgency take advantage of psychology to incite action.

So you can imagine their shock when it outperformed the reigning subject line by a long shot.

Compared to the former high achiever, “What’s your opinion here [first name]?

But, if you look at the data, there are certain patterns that emerge.

So we can certainly provide pointers on how certain words perform, as well as practical tips for writing subject lines.

”, it generated over 100% more opens and 228.5% more clicks at a 99% level of significance. What makes the average person, whose inbox gets stuffed with 147 messages per day, choose to open one email and ignore another?

We dove into some reports, case studies, and inboxes to find out — to help you figure out how to get your subscribers to open yours during your next email campaign.

It’s said that a person’s favorite word is their own name, and the open rate above backs this up.This is in part due to grammatical correctness: For example, a pronoun like “We” or present participle like “Introducing” would seldom feature at the end of a sentence.Personally, I think it’s important to make these distinctions if only to highlight that word order and, more importantly, context matters.Both the control and our test group made use of the same lists (minimum of 500 subscribers) between January 1, 2013 until March 31, 2014.In order to have enough data to be significant, the list had to receive at least 10 campaigns over that period.

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