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The movement gained widespread exposure following the best-selling response to I Kissed Dating Goodbye, a popular contemporary treatment of Christian courtship by homeschool student Joshua Harris. od wants the best for us in every area of our lives.The following 10 principles informed by scripture will help you to make decisions that glorify God and honor others. Proverbs 10:9 He who walks in integrity walks securely, but he who perverts his ways will be found out. Don’t assume that just because something is hard that it is not God’s will. Understand how God has uniquely gifted and resourced you.

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The ultimate goal of dating or courting is finding a life partner.Question: "What does the Bible say about dating / courting?" Answer: Although the words “courtship” and “dating” are not found in the Bible, we are given some principles that Christians are to go by during the time before marriage.Don't allow peer pressure to force you into dating situations that are not appropriate.Realize that over 50% of girls and over 40% of guys never date in high school.

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