Blackberry not updating google contacts

Note: If you are using an email account managed within the Microsoft Office 365 environment you may have to use outlook.office365as the setting for the exchange server in an advanced setup.The username and password should be your email address and password for work. As an IT administrator, you may wish to consider removing the requirement for SD card encryption, and enabling ' Disable removable storage' to workaround this limitation.Settings within the Social Networking application itself may need to be changed to make sure the new notifications show up in the Android Notification Tray.There's been an issue identified with Android and Microsoft where an Android device integrated with an Active Sync email that enforces policies will suddenly lose the capability to sync email with the mail server.If you are using an email account ending with you may notice that the account was not setup as an Active Sync account.If you would like to change from using an IMAP, or POP, protocol to Active Sync follow these steps: Some users may have issues downloading/opening attachments if the account has been integrated as an active sync account.

An error stating ' This server requires security features that your Android device does not support' will be presented.

If you are noticing the issues described above you may want to decrease this setting to a smaller time frame.

Calendar sync timeframe: This functions in the same way as the Email sync timeframe.

As a workaround you can remove the account and manually configure as an IMAP account during re-integration, please see steps above for configuration information.

More information on this can be found by clicking here.

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