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Little boys get giddy with ecstatic happiness when they jump on a soft cushiony bed. Kids love Charlie’s Chocolate Factory, and I’m effing waiting for a man version of Charlie and the Booby Factory. But if you want to know the evolutionary reason behind why men like breasts, we’ll put an evolutionary piece up just for you very soon. A good pair of breasts can just transform a woman’s curves from a hmm-second-glance to an ohh-god-ohhh-god grunting boner in front of the mail box like Rob Schneider in the Animal.

So it really doesn’t matter if you’re dressing sexy or lounging in an old pullover. [For men: How to stare at breasts like a gentlemen] Confused? But if there’s one thing we men do know for certain, it’s the fact that men like breasts and they can’t really do anything about it!

I'm a bubbly type of girl but also can be a little shy at first I'd love to meet new people and experience new things Blonde hair blue eyes love anything girly can't be without a tan. Judging by the profile it is pretty clear that is the scenario,lol Breastfeeding dating the best viewing experience please update breastfeeding dating browser to Google Chrome. What to Expect So your breastfeeding baby is taking "feeding on demand" a little too literally?

Breastfeeding dating was a single mama when dh and I got together You didn't need to click on the dating to read it, considering it's very plainly stated in the dating what this topic is about.

It’s out of view Moving on now, why do men like breasts? Men can’t see any the breasts of any woman they want, unless there’s a movie clip somewhere on the internet. Guys don’t have breasts, and that makes them all the more fascinating to us.

And that makes it so much more alluring and enticing. We’re flat on the chest and even if we bench press every day, all we’d get is a firm board that feels nothing like a woman’s breast. Has your man ever just touched your breast and told you how soft and nice it feels? [Read: How to sleep with him in a sexy way] Guys love the way breasts feel Women are a lot softer and nicer to touch than men.

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