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Mother of show lead Aria (Lucy Hale), Combs has been part of the seemingly never-ending mystery drama and its twists and turns up until only recently, when the show wrapped on filming its final season.Out in Australia for Supanova, she feels bittersweet about the show’s end, but notes that she’s been lucky to be a part of such a successful franchise.It surprises me every time.” — Supanova hits the Adelaide Showgrounds this weekend, November 18th – 20th. Sadly, according to the series' star Alyssa Milano, the cast of the relaunch will include all new faces.“It’s still very much at the forefront of many peoples’ lives and consciousnesses that doing stuff like these conventions really does bring it to my attention that people do still watch it.” Having jumped from one female-dominated cast to another and being in a position to watch a similar group dynamic go through their paces as she did has been an interesting experience, Combs explains.“It’s been nice to watch the girls grow up on the show, much in the same way that I did with the girls on .” she says.It's been nearly 10 years since the drama series wrapped in May 2006, so as much as we'd love to see the original bewitching trio reunite on our TV screens, it's not likely.Hell, even the Charmed Ones themselves don't wield that kind of magic. Outspoken Phoebe had the powers of premonition, levitation, empathy and flight.

“It’s always astounding to me how many women are in love with Leo,” she laughs.

“I Though some actors might shirk at the idea of being tied down to multiple franchises at a time at the risk of typecasting, Combs has instead relished the opportunity.

“It’s always nicer to be on a long running show than a short running show, which there seems to be a lot of these days.” she admits.

“Because Brian and I were friends for a really long time before we did the show, manufacturing some romantic chemistry was a little difficult for me because he’s like my brother.

I really didn’t think people would believe in it all that much but , when I see these girls just start crying and shaking over him, I look at him and go, “I must have made you look really good, because these women cannot get over you,” – It’s amazing how that aspect of the show has stood the test of time!

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