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A-5 Belgium, 12 gauge, 2 3/4 inch, 2,000,000 Commemorative Model, 1612 of 2500, 28 inch, Modified, Vent Rib barrel, in correct Black Hard Case. Please do not email us unsolicited photographs of an item or gun you are trying to identify or date.We know now that the 1900 was a modified 1899 model.The 1899 was the first of the Browning pistols to go into production at FN in January 1899.The 1900 followed in mid 1900 after the Belgian military requested changes to the original Browning design.

We deal strictly in historical information / publications. It can be differentiated from the FN Model 1900 by the following features: There are no safety markings and no lanyard ring, the frame has small side-plates. The FN Browning 1900 was introduced in 1900 after Belgian military trials requested changes to the Model 1899.

Loewe was selected after FN engineers had explored buying their machinery in the U. Instead it was more a source of aggravation for the Germans, as they could not get production up to desired significant numbers prior to 1943.

Because no research was done for decades, the first Browning pistol is often credited to the FN Browning 1900.

Unlike stated in many places, FN never produced any Mauser rifles during the occupation.

Only a select few parts were made, most notable barrels and bolts.

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