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In short, Facebook would be affected, but probably not most startups, depending on the details of their business.

Proponents believe that California, as the most populous state in the nation, will set a standard for companies operating nationwide, because companies will not want to make different versions of their websites and related online services for different states.

"I think mostly the tech world is, on the surface, asking for some clarification and changes to the law that they feel are gray areas for companies to figure out how or whether they need to comply." "But I have a skeptical eye," Gallagher added.

"Look, I want to make sure that whatever is being proposed as a cleanup measure isn't a gaping hole."Among the law's most powerful provisions is one that requires companies to stop selling people's data upon request at any time.

1, 2020, said he might not have enough staff to carry out the job, and that as a result the law could collapse under its own weight.

Businesses have a simple way to make nationwide compliance easy, said Alastair Mactaggart, a real estate developer who spearheaded the California law's creation: give all Americans the same rights as Californians."This is a made-in-tech-world problem to foment fear," Mactaggart said.Tech companies "could make it go away by saying that they're going to extend California rights for everybody."Some of the provisions in the law have been criticized as too broad or vague, such as one that appears to prohibit the personalized pricing of goods and services and then later allows the practice.California is going several steps further, giving people a clear opportunity to opt out of the sale of their data, in addition to letting them know what a company like Google knows about them.With 40 million California residents, that could be a lot of requests, if companies comply.

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