Can dating lose alimony dating money back

For example, think about how this will affect your taxes.In 2018, tax differences exist for the treatment of lump sum alimony payments versus payments of alimony made over time.Lump sum payments, sometimes called buyouts, lump sum alimony, or spousal maintenance buyout, is the payment of alimony in one lump sum.Instead of getting periodic payments made over a designated time frame, the spouse on the receiving end is given one large payment.If you earn more than your spouse, it is likely you will be responsible for making alimony payments.To avoid this financial conundrum, consider downgrading – a lower paying job, for example, may be the way. You will need to carefully plan and budget your way through, but a little work and help from friends and financial gurus will save you a lot of headache about alimony.You should get started immediately on collecting witness statements and any other incriminating evidence you can think of that shows your spouse was undoubtedly having an affair.The judge will have the final say about whether or not your evidence counts as proof to support the claims of adultery, and how it will affect any alimony payments.

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If you choose to take this route, consider a few things before any decisions are made.

Being newly single and having only one income means you’ve already had to make big changes to your monthly budget and lifestyle.

Some individuals may do something sneaky, like devise clever plans to get around the strain that alimony causes on their finances.

A postnuptial agreement contains most of the same info you get in a prenuptial agreement, but is completed and made final after the marriage is finalized.

If divorce is already in your future, these two options will be of no use to you.

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