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I don’t like it when I see him flirt with my friends, so I hang out with BF’s friends instead.”BF was a senior when he and Jackie got together. Jackie is academically very bright and when queried if she plans on higher education, she said, “I don’t like thinking about going away to college. When he’s not looking I check his phone; he texts her all the time. BF likes to watch porn and he has a lot of magazines.

I don’t want to leave BF.” When asked if she loves BF, Jackie tilted her head, looked down and replied, “I thought I did…Then I found out he’s having sex with an old girlfriend while I’m in school. I don’t say anything anymore because I don’t want to lose him.” I asked her if she enjoys having sex. It makes me really uncomfortable because I don’t look like that…I try to act like the girls in the videos. I could win an Oscar.”Most teenagers are present hedonists and Jackie is no exception.

He has made television and radio appearances in the US and England, and had a weekly segment on South Africa's CANI radio. He and David Copeland coach men and lead seminars all over the United States.

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