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Yet the panelists firmly concluded a woman should not be asking a man out. The rationale revealed some of the group’s beliefs and attitudes about the roles of men and women.As one participant explained, “the male is supposed to be the leader” and the head in a couple’s relationship.While the rest of society wanders in a confused state about the meaning and boundaries of dating, are Catholics who long for a return to traditional customs misconstruing non-essentials with fundamental questions of faith?Is there a Catholic approach to dating that’s more important than who pays for dinner?David Baird of Catholic Redeemer College and the YP Lounge – a branch of Vancouver Right to Life.The young singles attending the forum were all committed, practising Catholics from different backgrounds and professions.

develop your own faith, your own relationship with God.” Emotional chastity is important, she said, not necessarily to avoid getting too attached, but because it’s a part of emotional maturity.Unfortunately the rest of the world treats it as “mini-marriage.” For Bjorgaard and other panelists, the solution is to avoid getting too emotionally attached too quickly, and perhaps expect a lot less from a dating relationship. Cronin not only recommends what activities are suitable at each “level” of dating, but also the amount of time couples should spend together.One panelist agreed with Cronin’s prescription, saying, “if more people were going on more coffee dates, it would just be coffee …She says the Church defines “the obvious in- and out-of-bounds things,” but everything else depends on the dynamics of the two individuals: their personalities, ages, emotional backgrounds, and “so many unknowns we don’t see.” Next to living out a chaste relationship, Sister Sullivan said individuals need to work on their woundedness.“All of us are wounded on some level” simply from living in today’s society,” she said.

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