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I do really want it to go far, I do.” and now she’s ready for a starring role in her own love story. Mainly because I’m a bit of knob.” , who seems to have based his character on Spencer Matthews.

What does she say about love: She’s not had time as she’s a single mum of one – “All I want to do is be the best mum that I can be to Coco. Cheats on girls, then gets his sister, Louise, to be bitchy when they subsequently dump him.

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He needs our help again 🙏 and we are going to sort it once and for all, it’s @Sam Thompson UK #celebsgodating #dating #love #celebrity #Coming2019 pic.twitter.com/pvj HQ3uz4Y— Celebs Go Dating (@Celebs Go Dating) November 23, 2018 It's Sam's second time on the dating agency's books, so here's hoping he has better luck this time...Meanwhile, his ex-girlfriend Tiffany Watson has been speaking out about his decision to go back on the show. From ITV2's Who would fancy a big weekend away with this one?From #ibizaweekender it’s @David Weekender 🙌🔥🎉 #dating #love #celebrity #Coming2019 pic.twitter.com/u TQVMYyh PJ— Celebs Go Dating (@Celebs Go Dating) November 23, 2018Our seventh celebrity for the class of 2019 @megan_mckenna_ 😍 if you missed our live announcement last night never fear, we caught our lovely lady just before she took to the red carpet to make her entrance 💁🏽‍♀️💫 pic.twitter.com/SNq4b2f B8F— Celebs Go Dating (@Celebs Go Dating) November 24, 2018 mixer.What does he say about love: Took a previous breakup hard – especially when he saw a reminder of her at the corner shop “I saw a tin of soup and I was trying to get it together.Then I just balled again and me dad was like ‘What’s up?

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