Celebrity victims of dating violence dating4catholics com

so of course you will staunchly support him — but you haven’t considered how this might affect society and public opinion,” wrote one Chinese student based in Japan.

In a lengthy Weibo post, she expressed her concerns about the future, and whether society might one day absolve abusers of their violent behavior. ’ or ‘Couldn’t the victim be doing something wrong?

She broke her pelvic bone after being dragged for 300 metres while holding onto the handle of Arthur’s car door following an argument.

But she says it was not the first time things turned violent between the couple.

VCGEven after Jiang apologized to Nakaura via his social media account and turned himself in to police, his celebrity friends — both male and female — have continued to defend him.

The well-known actor Hu Ge, said he felt sad for Jiang’s mistake and noted how pure and childlike Jiang had been when the two worked together on a TV drama in 2011.

“It would have been better if you had been the one abused, then [Jiang] wouldn’t have had to go to jail,” commented one user under the actress’s apology.

According to an analysis by Sixth Tone, 57.5 percent of Chinese people believe domestic violence is a “family matter,” and at least 22 percent of all cases go unreported.

Jiang, who has over 17 million followers on Chinese microblogging platform Weibo, put his acting career on hold and flew to Japan in April to attend a language school.

Three months later, in July, he announced his relationship with Nakaura.

“Just because the victim isn’t perfect means Jiang had a reason to beat her?

” asked Luo Beibei, a respected entertainment commentator, in response to such claims.

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