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What you do is clean your pants, and insult the father for not keeping a leash on his mutt of a wife and his little spoiled disrespectful class of retards.When he asks you to apologize ask him to apologize for the society of retards created by parents like you, prepare to fight like a man instead of a snitch...The catholic church deems just about everything immoral (except molesting choir boys, of course).As for me (a non-religious individual), I like to borrow a quote from the Bible, "Let he who is without sin cast the first stone." Defense rests, Your Honor.I am American and I not only don't go to church, follow moral guidelines or try to force my beliefs on others but I could fucking care less what the rest of the world does.As for our "freedoms", maybe you hadn't noticed, but "W" stripped most of those freedoms from us and left us basically afraid of the Gov.rock: It is not americans per se that gets up our collective noses,it is the assumption of moral superiosity .The cancer came back, and this woman said that she was sure that god would help her ' once again '.Like some shitty god helped her first time, when it in fact was Dee Dee's money and the doctors' skills that helped her.

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He and his guys maintain it's all trumped up by evil Pentagon stooges. : Those that prove themsevles iritants to the US gov. The only reason he was arrested was because of Wikileaks.

Of course they want Assange "taken care of", I mean, his organization did expose them for what they really are- a bunch of corrupt and greedy assholes. he maybe a shit for brains but without them doing what there doing pointing out the stupidity of our governments personally be angry at the fuck for brains that are in a governments making total FUCK UPS THAT PUT OUR SOLIDERS FUCKING LIVES IN STUPID FUCKING SITUATIONS FOR TOTAL GOD DAM BULLSHIT..

on a interesting note have you all stocked up on tinned food? Like people didn't know the governments are all lying sacks of shit who do not represent our interests but our own?

As for a moral compass, that all depends on who is defining the word "moral".: Remember that the Nazi Party considered the jews to be immoral.

The communists considered free trade to be immoral.

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