Chatham madison adult school

Reminder – If the information requested on the Community Pass form is incomplete/missing information/incorrect your child’s form will go to a Wait List.TWO LOCAL (Chatham, Madison, Summit, New Providence) ADULT Non-Parent emergency contacts is an ADULT (not the parents) that agree to be your emergency contact if we cannot reach you first.

Your child’s Community Pass bus registration will not be held unless your Shawnee package payment is completed that day with Shawnee.

It is critical, when taking children out of town, that all of the registration information is completed as noted.

When our limit (2 buses) is met, participant registrations will automatically go to a Wait List.

We can’t have surprises if we need them that they are unaware they were listed or may be needed to drive to Shawnee.

Please be sure ALL the emergency contact information requested (the emergency contacts name, relationship, address and phone) is entered on the form. Medical info – If you note your child takes a medication, please note what it is for so we can have that information while on the bus or at Shawnee.

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