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This lovely couple enjoys picking up married men online to sext with and eventually meet up with.Hell when I caught them Dennis was nice enough to tell the hubby we could come get away at his house in the woods.Nikki Miller goes from Bible thumping to straight c0ck sucking in nothing flat.I have never met a more treacherous woman , she’s NOT your average 2-Timer or 3 or even 4 , but prefers a different lover for each week day !!!Keep spreading the love or your legs whatever is easier.This horse-faced, buck toothed skank works at Belk in Knoxville.Along with COMPLETE INABILITY to tell the Truth EVER , Nikki is an insatiable pit of men an manipulation !I’m certain if she had as many sticking out of her as she’s had stuck in her she would very much resemble a porcupine.

She’s engaged to a wonderful man, but can’t keep her face from in between other women’s legs especially if they’re dating one of her ex’s.

This scum got a girl in a long term relationship drunk and high on air duster just so he could screw her on the day before her anniversary. He just wants to get it in This man is a disgusting human being.

Every woman he has been with, including the current one, he cheats on. He defiles them, makes them feel so small and insignificant.

Our son was in the house while she was intoxicated and could barely keep her eyes open, and I would half to come home to a child that hadn’t been taken care of at all.

At one point I did come home and catch them in bed together, and being a veteran my PTSD got the best of me and I pulled out a gun on them and threatened them. But I just wanted to make it known to leave my sl*t of a wife alone, stay out of our lives, because I’m not afraid to put your a$$ in line.

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