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Cheating Boyfriend Sign #3: Spiritual Distance If you were attending the same church, has he stopped doing so? Has he stopped hanging out or fellowshipping with the same Christian singles group that you do?Has he exhibited more insensitivity and impatience toward you?But don’t you just feel sorry for the remaining 15% of guys who were not doing it? If you’re a single girl not quite sure about your feelings, the next step is to know the signs of a cheating boyfriend.The following are the top cheating signs, put in the form of questions.

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Our achievements in everything we do are merely side-effects of the essential ability to charm and impress others with our own abilities.The best place to start is to acquaint yourself with your own feelings.Studies reveal that 85% of the time when a woman thinks her boyfriend is cheating, he is!Is he inexplicably backing out or cancelling on dating plans?Is he spending more time with his other “friends” and less with you? Is he continually making excuses why he can’t meet on a particular day?

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